Social Media Marketing

Invest in actionable conversations, the backbone of brand relevance.

Social Media Marketing

The breadth of our experience spans FMCG to lifestyle brands to the real estate industry to banking and fintech companies, making us one of the best social media agencies. Every successful site traffic, engagement, and reach mined from our client’s audience means one thing to them: it’s effective.
Our holistic approach gives you a customized solution that’s tailor-fit to your business. We don’t settle on likes or comments; rather, we aim for tangible results.

Social Media Page Management

Having a social media page isn’t enough for you to survive the competition. There must be traction that can aid in generating your sales, leads, or conversions. Are you aware that the existing social media platforms serve different target markets for various business types?

Working with an experienced social media management service provider, like us, can help you focus on your business. Likewise, you can leverage our expertise, to drive your goals for your users. Outsourcing your social media page management to us is a no-brainer and a smart business decision you’ll make.

Our process involves conducting social media audits, choosing the right social platform and helping you analyze your target audience using our proprietary social media marketing tools. Remember, it’s not just about creating noise, it’s about making an impact.

Facebook Page Management

The social media giant, Facebook, accounts for 2.1 billion unique visitors daily—a huge potential for your business to gain exposure and gather leads. With a Facebook marketing service, it will be a more natural way to reach a wide targeted audience that can build their brand loyalty to yours.

Having a dedicated social media partner can take your worries off of targeting your market, scheduling posts, analyzing competitors, and much more. Our process can help you engage with your audience and be seen worldwide.

Instagram Page Management

When you need a visual platform to showcase your brand, Instagram is a solution to that. It’s an easy way to expose your business to potential customers, with around 500 million users tapping into ephemeral content, like Instagram Stories, daily.

Our Instagram marketing service provides expert know-how of audience targeting, from location to lookalike audiences, and creative content creation that maximizes all visual content practices and boundaries to engage with your audience.

YouTube Page Management

Humans, undeniably, are visual creatures. Having YouTube as one of your business platforms can be a great addition to your brand. It is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and vibe to the digital world stage.

Our YouTube marketing service can help your brand climb the charts. It can turn your videos into powerful content that can increase your sales conversion, go viral, or get that brand uplift you need.

Social Media Strategy

Strategy is so important that it’s almost impossible to overstate.

The moment you think about your social media presence, crafting your social media strategy should be the default priority.

We do the heavy-lifting for you—from benchmarking to online market research to competitor audit to persona creation to strategy building. We cover all the bases.

Once we develop your social media strategy that guides all your tactics to execute at the right time and place, you’ll certainly have a better business positioning all throughout.

Social Listening

Better brands listen.

To look forward, brands need to look back and listen as the engagement happens. Naturally, no one can ignore the sentiments dividing consumer preferences. These force everyone, including brands, to take a decisive stand.

This new social consciousness is here to stay. And as users passionately continue to take a bold stand, brands need to listen and act on them. Fast.

Our social listening service delves on social conversations that matter most to you. We monitor mentions to turn every comment or post into a positive, engaging experience. Our social media listening process gauges your brand sentiments to provide excellent insights that can help you finetune your moves, big and small.

Community Management

Your brand is online, whether you like it or not.

In a digital world where conversations are flowing faster than ever, brands cannot afford to stay silent. Build, engage, and grow a community through enriching brand experiences.

Let go of your brand-broadcast mentality. Brands communicate. The most successful ones engage and turn those reactions into meaningful conversations.

We can help you create that spark with your users such that they would want to connect with you. Turn all those social micro-interactions to make a significant impact on your brand and your business. Our community management service can build a tribe or even a cult following.

Campaign Management

Know that you will, at some point, need to generate business out of reactions, comments, and shares. Campaign management is crucial in engaging your market. It persuades audiences to take action for your brand, based on a certain concept or a creative idea that you can uniquely own.

You can reinforce your business strategy using social media campaigns, based on specific goals or as part of a broader marketing campaign. Back this up with cross-channel attribution and data backbone for better analysis and insights.

Our social media campaign management service delivers your objectives: brand awareness, website traffic, app downloads, customer loyalty, or better conversions. Take your pick.

Social Media Video Production

Social media video production is a great way to reach audiences, but can be costly if not done correctly. It takes careful planning, resource management, proper editing, and execution to get noticed.

We have video production services hat can cater to your brand’s needs:

  • Concept, Scripting, Storyboarding, and Creative Assistance
  • 3-D, 2-D, and Motion Graphics Editing
  • Social Media Video Production
  • Live Online Videos (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)

You can reap the rewards of great execution, knowing that marketers grow revenue 49% faster than non-video content. It is safe to say that quality matters, above all. As the content industry progresses, the expectation gets higher.

Enlisting the help of a social media video editor, like Propelrr, can help you capture and captivate your audience. You’ll just need to track your results.

Influencer Marketing

People today crave authenticity. Influencers are a great nexus in connecting brands and their markets. We tap them to influence purchase decisions.

There are different types of influencers you can consider:

  • Celebrities
  • Industry experts and thought leaders
  • Bloggers and content creators
  • Micro-influencers

As an agency doing influencer marketing in the Philippines, we provide you the perfect influencers that can suit your market niche through the right campaign strategy that will push your goals.